Service Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?
As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or at the first sign of poor performance. It's also important to keep your wiper blades clean and free from debris. If you use a higher quality brand, like Subaru Genuine Wiper Blades, you will not have to replace them quite as often. Wiper Blade replacement is often overlooked until it's too late. It's best to be proactive and replace your wiper blades before they adversely effect your field of vision. Remember, if your Subaru is under three years or 36,000 miles, we can replace them with no charge to you under factory warranty. 

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?
Brakes can squeak for multiple reasons. The most common and least concerning, is moisture and rust that builds up on your brake rotors overnight usually when there's moisture outside, when a car sits overnight for an extended period of time. Usually a few miles of driving will wear away the surface rust and quiet the brakes down with no adverse effects. 
A more concerning cause for brake squeak is when your brake pads wear down to the point of needing replacement. Most brake pads are equipped with a squealer tab, designed to rub the brake rotor and make a squealing noise when the pads have reached the end of their useful life. Beechmont Subaru will inspect your brake pad life during our Multi-Point Inspection and recommend brakes before it's too late. 

My "Check Engine" Light Is On, What Should I do?
From a loose gas cap, to a severe engine issue, there are many reasons why your check engine light can come on. If your check engine light is on solid, and not blinking, it's typically not a reason to panic. It's best to make an appointment at your convenience at Beechmont Subaru. 
However, if your check engine light is flashing, that is a sign of a more serious issue. It's recommended that you pull over in a safe location, when it's safe to do so and contact Subaru's Roadside Assistance, or a similar roadside assistance service as soon as possible. 

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?
Your engine is the heart and soul of your Subaru. Keeping it properly maintained and lubricated is of the utmost importance. Having your engine oil and filter changed every 6 months or 6,000 miles will keep your engine running properly for the life of your Subaru. Maintenance performed by Beechmont Subaru's factory trained technicians will keep your Subaru running at peak performance.

What Should My Tire Tread Depth Be?
Knowing and monitoring your tire tread depth are extremely important to your safety. Handling, acceleration, and stopping power are all dependent on adequate tire tread. When your tire tread reached 5/32" in the rain or snow, or 4/32" during the dry season, your traction is compromised. This is the time to have Beechmont Subaru replace your tires and perform a four wheel alignment.

My Low Tire Pressure Light Is On, Why?
The possible causes for your tire pressure light coming on are the following:
• Weather Changes
• Puncture in tire/leaking air
• Malfunctioning tire pressure sensor

A visit to Beechmont Subaru's Service Department may be in order if your tire pressure light comes on. 

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