Service Pickup & Delivery at Your Home or Work :: 513-474-4313


Beechmont Subaru Service Pickup & Delivery: Here's How it Works!

Step 1: Schedule your next service or maintenance appointment and never leave your home or work.

Step 2: Beechmont Subaru will deliver a Subaru Service Vehicle to you and exchange it for your current Subaru and bring it back to Beechmont Subaru for your scheduled service or maintenance appointment.

Step 3: You will be contacted by a Beechmont Subaru Service Advisor upon completion of the service or  maintenance allowing us to settle up any potential balance due for the work performed.

Step 4: We will return your Subaru to your home or work washed and ready to go!

Pickup & Delivery Service charges: $35
| Includes Vehicle Pickup, Delivery & Free 1 Day Service Loaner!
If service or maintenance requires an overnight stay for your Subaru, there will be an additional charge of $35 per day for the Service Loaner.
Service Loaner Agreement will spell out any additional details.

** The Pickup & Delivery Service is limited to a 20 mile radius from Beechmont Subaru.
**All appointments for this program must be made over the phone (513) 474-4313 or at Beechmont Subaru (There is no option for online scheduling for this service at this time).